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If you're an experienced vaper looking for something new, or someone who just started vaping, you can design our product to fit your Ejuice needs!

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  • Ejuicepack runs like a fine juiced mod and hits juice recommendations just right. Definitely returning to re-up very shortly, I need some more of that Juicy Watermelon!
    Mike Elijah
  • Thanks ejuicepack for awesome flavors and superior quality!
    Leslie Layne
  • Got my first monthly ejuicepack! fantastic flavors, and loving each one! Lemon Ice, Grape Ice, and Orange Citrus. Can't wait to see what I get next month! Are you guys hiring?
    Josh Russell
  • Ejuicepack has some nice stuff and great customer service. I was honestly just going to cancel my subscription after the first month, but after liking what he sent me so much, I'm going to keep it going!
    theLoaf71 - Reddit

Why Choose Us?

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Vapemail the Ejuicepack way. We test all of the flavors to make sure they are up to par with our highest standards and we offer you the opportunity to fully customize your Ejuicepack to get the flavors you want, your way! How does the opportunity to customize your Vapemail in over 8,000 different ways sound? Overwhelming? Or EXCITING! So far people have been getting pretty excited! Click get started and get vapemail your way! Over 8000 ways to customize your ejuicepack.

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We offer great tasting Ejuices/Eliquids. You get to try exciting new Ejuices every month, all while saving you time and money! Every Ejuicepack is specially made just for you! So the real question is… Why not?

Choose Individual Flavors and Nicotine Content for Each Bottle!

With our service you get to choose custom nicotine content for each individual flavor type! We are so confident that you will love our service we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Get the best vape for your buck.

Our Eliquid is Approved by a Team of Experienced Testers!

We have a well-versed team of vaping enthusiasts that test out all of our Ejuice to ensure you get the best vaping experience. Our testers consider every aspect of the Eliquid when testing. We get your juices flowing

Have It Your Way!

We are one of the only ejuice subscription services that give you the opportunity to choose each individual bottle's flavor, nicotine content, and brand. Yeah, that's right! If you want a bottle of Grape Ice from Mister-E, you pick that exact flavor and then it will be added to your Ejuicepack!

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