E-juice Pack: 100mL E-juice Subscription Box, Ejuice, Vape Mods, RDAs, & Vape Batteries!

3 - 100ml E-Juice Bottles: Power Pack
Per Month for 300ml
2 - 100ml E-Juice Bottles: Starter Pack
Per Month for 200ml
5 - 100ml E-Juice Bottles: Connoisseur Pack
Per Month for 500ml

Ejuice Pack the 100ml Vape Box

We all are witnesses that online businesses grow every day. Technology innovations and affordable advertising through the social media networks directed the focus to online shopping. The combination of these two created a large number of subscription services. There are subscription boxes for everyone, and for any kind of goods as clothing, food, hygiene, etc. The main reason why subscription boxes are so popular is because they are very convenient. In the last few years, the subscription services become so popular that the traffic for these websites is increased by 800% percent.

Also, one of the main reasons why subscription services are so popular is the convenience of providing information about any product you’re interested in. You are able to get offers of new products constantly with monthly subscription boxes. Increasing popularity of e-cigarettes requires constant purchasing of e-liquids which are needed for continuous vaping. Vape subscription boxes don’t include only e-liquids, there are also offered various hardware parts and accessories for vapers.

Why vapers need vape subscription boxes?

Vapers are always in a search for a perfect e-juice. It’s a very complex task to find the best e-juice among the whole sea of flavors and companies that offer these products. Since the first day of vaping, it’s popularity increases, so it’s very hard to track down all new e-juices created by various brands as there is more and more of them. If you’re trying to be always up to date with the newest hardware for vape pens or e-juices, then it’s the right time to subscription services as you can do it all by yourself. These services will save you from tiresome searching for products, providing much convenient shopping experience. They turn your search into a fun, asking you some questions about your vaping experiences and preferences. That way, then trying to find out all about you as a subscriber which gives them the ability to create special offers for you made of quality products and all that for a reasonable price.

Vape subscription boxes vs online e-juice purchasing

There are two ways of buying the necessary vaping parts and e-liquids: subscription boxes and purchasing hardware directly from various online stores. Everyone has his own preferences in purchasing such products online. So, if you don’t what are differences between these two, then consider the following pros and cons of both ways of purchasing.

Pros of subscriptions

Lower price

Using subscription services, each subscriber is able to get the best e-juices deals but also hardware for a considerably lower price.

The possibility of finding new favorites

Subscription boxes give you the ability to try different e-juices because these services work with various companies. So, this way you can discover completely new e-liquid brands and flavors that you’ll never buy on your own.


It’s much easier for a subscriber to receive all supplies for one month than searching for the hardware or e-liquid online or local shops. The following option is convenient when you need to skip your monthly dose of e-juice or you just need a little break from vaping.

Customer support

As a subscriber, you are the top priority or any subscription services. They usually offer a monthly subscription plan. According to our preferences, a decent subscription service with decent customer support is able to exactly what you want as a customer and in the future, they’ll try to make you next subscriptions even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Cons of subscriptions

You can’t enjoy the e-juice you get

When you are a subscriber, you can’t see your product until you receive it. That’s because you’ll always receive your e-juice or hardware based on hardware preferences and flavor profile. So, you’ll often receive the

Useless in emergencies

You know that vaping helps you to quit smoking, so if you haven’t quit yet, it will not be good if you are out of your e-juice and you need to wait for your next shipment. In such cases, you need to find your dose of e-juice elsewhere which causes additional costs.

Pros of shopping online

You can buy what you want

If you know what product you want, you can purchase it directly from the online store.

You can find the price that fits your budget

If you know what product you want, you can buy it from the store with the best price.

Cons of shopping online

You can spend a lot trying multiple products

As a vaper, you like to try new e-juices, but since all these products are 60ml and more, you can spend a lot buying that quantity, and in case you don’t like it, you can throw it away.

Ejuice Pack vs. Zample Box vs. Vape Box Comparison

Vape Box is the leader in selling vaping products. Most of subscription services are focused on selling small ejuice bottles, Vape box includes If you are looking for good e-juice, you can try other services, but for gear and juice,Vape Box is the best choice. Subscribing to Vape Box is very easy and all your products will be delivered to your address.

If you decide to subscribe to Vape Box you might receive the same product twice and you may also receive new products every month. They have great customer service and any issue addressed to them will be easily solved.

Zample Box is considered the original subscription service when it comes to trying new e-liquids. The company started in 2013, is able to deliver 15ml and 30ml e-liquids to your address. Getting the flavor you don’t like is very rare because they choose it carefully based on your profile.

E-Juice Pack is the home of 100ml ejuice subscription box. Considered one of the most advanced and customizable vape subscription boxes available for everyone. No matter if you a beginner or experienced vaper, you’ll always be satisfied with this service. In our ejuice subscription we allow you to pick from brands and flavors! Including Jam Monster, Yami Vapors, and more!