Best RDA for Flavor 2018

best rda for flavor 2018

Best RDA for flavor

As simple as tank atomizers seem to be, each genuine vaporer realizes that RDA’s are the perfectionist’s choice. You can modify coils to your satisfaction, and accomplish your optimal vape with each puff. There is an entire universe of RDA’s available nowadays; however indeed, even a specialist vape enthusiast would experience difficulty parsing through them all. Our goal with this list is to walk you through the terrain of RDA products with a user-friendly ambiance. And definitely we will have our pick when it comes to the best RDA for flavor!

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA

Oumier has made a standout amongst the most smaller and ground-breaking single form RDAs out there that disentangles the coil building process for the individuals who are investigating purchasing a simple to utilize RDA. Including a narrowly composed best top worked for most extreme flavor, this ultem top remains cool with each hit you take. Not any more hot lips!

Oumier Wasp Nano RDA - gold

The deck is worked for a solitary coil just, making this a go-to for straightforward forms of 3mm or less. With a littler deck, your design may be tiny in contrast with typical ones, however the wasp nano compensates for this with its stunning flavor. The movable 510 association pin is removable and accompanies a replaceable squonk pin for the individuals who like the simplicity of a base encouraging RDA. It likewise contains a quite profound juice well for its size (about 5mm) for less dripping all day long.

Specifications & Features

Everything about this RDA is strong and attractive and that would make it Best RDA for flavor. From the flexible airflow to its minimal size, the wasp nano is an awesome expansion to any accumulation, learner or progressed. Albeit minimized in outline, this RDA creates good estimated mists and does not hold back on season at all. Try not to give this small gadget a chance to trick you.

  • Ultem heat resistant top cap
  • 22mm diameter
  • 22mm stainless steel design
  • Deep juice well
  • Big deck for easy building
  • Unique adjustable airflow system
  • Compact design
  • Bottom filling are made with exchangeable squonk base pin


  • Compact monolithic design
  • Great looks and structure
  • Amazing flavor 


  • The hues for the gum alternative fluctuate significantly, there is no real way to tell which shading you get until you get it.


Digiflavor Drop RDA

Digiflavor Drop RDA blue, gold, black, silver, grey

Drop RDA brings a ton to the table and that is why it is among the best RDA for flavor and clouds. Digiflavor drop RDA includes a splendid t-molded stepped airflow framework to dial in your correct setting. The flavor is among the best you can expect to get on rebuildable dripping atomizer. The four-post design makes it less demanding than ever in terms of coil installation. Just push your coils in, twist the screws and cut the leads. The manner in which the posts are built, facilitates it easier to cut your leads easily. With a 24 mm diameter of drop and comes attached with a 510 squonk pin.

Specifications & Features


  • 24 mm diameter
  • Gold plated 510 contact
  • Standard 510-pin (raised base feed pin included)
  • 810 trickle tip
  • Side mounted flathead screws
  • Stepped airflow outline
  • Four post construct deck
  • 510 drip tip connector fitment
  • 5 mm every terminal
  • 10 air-holes per side completely close-capable “t“ shape
  • 9 mm bore acrylic-drip
  • 10 mm bore ultem drip tip
  • Look separator


  • Fairly easy to build
  • Good value for your money
  • Stepped airflow system
  • Squonk pin included
  • One of the best RDA for flavor for its awesome flavor
  • Has two drip tips


  • Top cap difficult to take off



Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

vandy vape bonza rda

With the collaboration of the century between vaping bogan and vandy vape, the new “vandy vape bonza” RDA has come into the existence. The extremely user friendly RDA comes with fixed screw clamp type deck alongside with a hex screw terminals designed to support one of those larger builds for all your coil types. “vandy vape bonza” RDA is among one of the best RDA for flavor and features a side airflow system with 9 holes for massive and uninterrupted vapor production. The “vandy vape bonza” features the capacity to build and fire your single coil constructs proficiently. The rebuildable atomizer is improved for squonk execution with an all-around machined quonk stick. Matched with your most loved squonk gadget, the bonza RDA gives exceptionally quick e-fluid conveyance and a profound 2ml juice well for the most ideal squonking experience.

Specifications & features

  • Available in black, stainless, gold, matte grey and rainbow color
  • Two-post unique design
  • 24mm diameter with a massive juice well of 7mm
  • 510 squonk-ready pins
  • Deck has a 24k gold-polish
  • 303 stainless steel superior construction
  • Parallel airslots on both side
  • Widebore 810 resin drip tip measures 18mm
  • Inner terminals are secured to the top incorporating clamp mechanism
  • Outer terminals is secured to the top through slotted flathead screws
  • direct-to-the coil impact
  • Delrin drip tip has 16mm wide bore
  • 510 gold-plated connection


  • Stepped airflow system
  • Squonk pin included
  • Its distinct flavor makes it one of the best RDA for flavor
  • Easy to build
  • Value for your money


  • No extra hex screws included
  • Stiff airflow adjustment



Dead Rabbit RDA by hellvape & heathen (writer’s personal best RDA)

best rda - Dead rabbit RDA by hellvape & heathen all colors

Resurrected and conceived of a heathen, the dead rabbit RDA has touched base to give fiendishly fierce flavor and cloud generation right to your lungs. Hellvape and heathen have united to make a considerable RDA stacked with alluring features and simple of utilization for the easygoing and progressed vaper alike. This 24mm offering furnishes industry driving form quality alongside a straight forward 4 post deck for fast and substantial form housing. A 5mm profound juice well will guarantee fast cotton immersion and a basic straightforward wicking knowledge that will guarantee a pleasurable vaping background. Manufacture either a solitary of double coil assemble yielding great outcomes paying little heed to your direct to lung or mouth to lung inclination.

Hex screws mounted on side gives you faultless contact and guarantee that your RDA will keep on producing voluminous clouds with little requirement for over the top tinkering. The dead rabbit RDA features a side movable airflow that will limit spilling and put a colossal spotlight on enhance. This RDA furnishes flexibility with a squonk pin included to join with your squonk mod to make an unending satisfying consequently drippable experience. This exceedingly best RDA for flavor is affoRDAble and will convey an abundance of simplicity and exceptionally practical drop charm that you will keep in revolution for a good while.

Specifications & features

  • Available in black, stainless, gold, matte grey and rainbow color
  • Single and dual coil configurations
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24m diameter
  • Deep juice well
  • 5mm terminal openings
  • Postless and elevated quad terminal design
  • Peek insulated block
  • Top-side dual slotted air-slots – diagonal orientation
  • Squonk-ready base-feeding 510 pin
  • Slotted or hex flathead screws —side secured


  • Easy to build
  • Smooth top-side airflow
  • Side-mounted flat head screws
  • Includes squonk pin
  • Gold-plated posts
  • Best RDA for flavor.
  • AffoRDAble
  • Deeper juice well


  • Leads needs to measure before building


Goon v1.5 RDA by 528 custom vapes


The goon v1.5 RDA has arrived! The goon has been a predictable staple in the life of cutting edge manufacturers and 528 customs has heard the calls of vapors wherever incorporating improvements with every last trace of this rebuildable deck atomizer. This 24mm RDA furnishes a 20mm internal distance across alongside a 7mm juice well and quality look encasings giving a great deal of room to bigger coils that will toss the most sizable mists in the diversion today. The goon v1.5 highlights 12mm x 3mm wind stream spaces for extended wind current and smooth draws without fail. This RDA serves both cloud chasers and flavor chasers because of its upgraded construct abilities it is the best RDA for flavor in the category. Included with this RDA is a squonk stick that will change your vaping knowledge with helpful base encouraging quality. Bigger leads consider straightforwardness of working with hardened steel presents outlined on convey convenience mind-boggling.

goon v1.5 rda by 528 custom vapes gold colored

Specifications & features

  • Purpose built for builders
  • 24mm diameter
  • Two post build deck
  • Clamp style posts
  • 20mm inside diameter build deck
  • Stainless steel posts
  • Two Philips screws per post
  • Peek insulation
  • Dual adjustable air-slots
  • Single coil compatible
  • 7mm deep juice pit
  • Three piece assembly
  • Copper 510 contact
  • Cnc engraved
  • Very large and easily secure leads
  • Superior stainless steel chassis


  • Two posts
  • Easy build
  • Cloud-comp ready
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Versatile airflow
  • Clean machining
  • Best RDA for flavor
  • Open & even draw
  • Deep juice-well


  • Specifically designed for exotic coils

Recoil rebel RDA by Grimm Green X ohmboyoc

The whole business has been sitting tight for the arrival of the force and now the resistance has arrived, the recoil rebel RDA by grimm green x ohmboyoc is out! Giving a fresh out of the box new form deck and energizing features and design yet to be implemented on any RDA, the recoil rebel before long will turn into your most loved throughout the day dripper. This staggeringly machined rebuildable dripping atomizer furnishes a 25mm width alongside a 24mm interior distance across. This fiercely open deck suits tremendous forms for huge cloud generation and enormous flavor properties. This RDA comes stock with two distinct barrels that give an accentuation on either flavor or cloud generation however slack on neither one of the chose. A snake chomp airflow top gives an inundation of smooth and extreme flavor conveyance satisfying flavor chasers from all strolls of building. The other barrel choice is a double quad air-flow afc barrel bound to throw the most gigantic mists and puncturing flavor. Likewise included with this RDA is an amusement changing ultem ring that will transform your dripper into a release free and profound store discovered no place else.

Specifications & features

Recoil rebel RDA by Grimm Green X ohmboyoc - gold, black, silver

  • 24mm build deck
  • Flat head pcs slotted screws
  • 25mm diameter
  • Constructed from 304 stainless steel for superior quality
  • Peek insulator
  • Best RDA for flavor
  • Quad afc cap
  • Elevated post holes for simple and easy design
  • 5mm post holes for larger gauge wires
  • Screws and spare o-rings included
  • Includes 2 interchangeable top caps


  • Well machined
  • Accommodates large coil builds
  • Easy to build
  • Ring protection against leakage using Ultem
  • 24 mm deck
  • Gold-plated 510
  • The flavor is refreshing makes it best RDA for flavor
  • Includes 2 different upper caps
  • 25 mm top caps


  • Not squonk-compatible
  • Proprietary drip tip

Dpro 24mm RDA by coilart – postless

Dpro 24mm RDA by coilart

The dpro 24mm RDA by coilart is the most recent rebuildable stage from the group at coilart, sending a top notch machining structure highlighting an easy to understand postless outlines and one of a kind calculated side airflow framework. Amazing flavor that makes it stand out from the rest and makes it best RDA for flavor. The dpro RDA measures 24mm in distance across, made with the better development and consideration than points of interest that coilart has been known for, with the presentation of a full ultem divider sleeve as a shading alternative.

The construct deck of the dpro RDA actualizes a four terminal postless form deck, including a 2.5mm breadth terminals set into the deck and fixed by means of side-strain hex screws. Because of the absence of posts, the outline additionally arranges for manufacture space and wicking region with the profound squeeze well to obliging extensive coil structures and innovative designs. The whole deck is made of 24k gold plating with peek protected positive squares, giving solid conductivity and warmth safe establishment so as to run powerful arrangements. Airflow of the dpro hosts two calculated pattern airtubes estimating 4.5mm distance across each, conveying direct-to-the coil impact for maximal vapor creation with adjusted flavor profiles. Incorporated into each set is a 8mm 810 ultem widebore trickle tip, using greatly warm safe and effect safe material that is ideal and one of best RDA for flavor and cloud chasers. The expansion of an empty 510 pin changes over the structure into a base encouraging atomizer.

Specifications & features

  • 3mm deep juice pit
  • Two negative terminal posts
  • Dual slotted angle airtubes
  • 24mm diameter
  • 5mm terminal openings
  • Stainless steel construction for superior quality
  • Innovative postless, four terminal design
  • Single or double coil configurations
  • Gold-plated contact pins
  • Two positive terminal posts
  • Heat-resistant ultem construction
  • 510 hollow base-feeding pin


  • Gold plated deck with 510 pin
  • Great build quality
  • Versatile build deck
  • Squonk-compatible
  • Smooth airflow
  • Least moving parts


  • Drip tip stores condensation
  • 810 drip tip (no reverse 510 compatibility)

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