Best RDA for Flavor 2018

best rda for flavor 2018

Best RDA for flavor As simple as tank atomizers seem to be, each genuine vaporer realizes that RDA’s are the perfectionist’s choice. You can modify coils to your satisfaction, and accomplish your optimal vape with each puff. There is an entire universe of RDA’s available nowadays; however indeed, even a specialist vape enthusiast would experience […]

Top 9 Squonk Box of 2018 (UPDATED LIST)

squonk box

Top 9 Squonk box 2018 Squonk box is a device which can be operated with the help of electric power and it is used for squonking. There are many models in this box which are used for vaping or squonking and all models have different types of features. You can make selection of desired models […]

Kandypens RUBI vs Juul Pens Comparison

Kandypens rubi vs Juul Comparison

Kandypens RUBI vs Juul Pens The KandyPens Rubi is a vaping device, or an e-cigarette, just like Juul Pens. Both are superior e-cigs that can give stiff competition to the best e-cigarettes to be found on the market today. S which of these is the best for you? Here is a Kandypens RUBI vs Juul […]

Jam Monster Liquid E-juice Review

Jam monster e-juice review flavor banner

Jam Monster E-Juice Is Hitting Home Runs!   The fantastic Jam monster e-juice reviews are continuing to pour in. Let’s look at ourselves and see what has everyone raving! There are thousands of e-liquids available online. Some are great, some not so. That’s why it’s always awesome when a company comes out with something new […]

Making E-Juice 101

e-juice ingredients banner

What is E-Juice? Welcome to e-juice 101. E-juice is also known as e-liquid, smoke juice and more. This is a nicotine-based type of liquid which is primarily used in personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. The quantity of nicotine found in this e-juice depends on you particularly on how heavy your smoking activity is. This starts […]