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Kandypens RUBI vs Juul Pens Comparison

Kandypens rubi vs Juul Comparison

Kandypens RUBI vs Juul Pens The KandyPens Rubi is a vaping device, or an e-cigarette, just like Juul Pens. Both are superior e-cigs that can give stiff competition to the best e-cigarettes to be found on the market today. S which of these is the best for you? Here is a Kandypens RUBI vs Juul […]

Vaporizer Mods and E-Cigarette Battery Safety

What are Vape Mods? Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated tools intended to transform¬†ejuices and various other materials to users in the vapor form instead of smoke. They look like the traditional cigarettes, pipes or cigars. Latest devices resemble pens, USB sticks and some have refillable tanks. In total are around 300 vaporizer brands in the market. […]