Making E-Juice 101

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What is E-Juice?

Welcome to e-juice 101. E-juice is also known as e-liquid, smoke juice and more. This is a nicotine-based type of liquid which is primarily used in personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. The quantity of nicotine found in this e-juice depends on you particularly on how heavy your smoking activity is. This starts from the highest point. Which is about 24 mg for heavy smokers, 12 up to 18mg for those light smokers. Most of the customers who wanted to quit smoking nicotine lower their smoking level for overtime. Well, you can also make use of 0mg which doesn’t contain any nicotine at all, just the pure flavor and vapor of the e-juice.

There are four essential ingredients found in ejuices and these are as follows:

  1. Propylene Glycol  – The stuffs you may find in medicines, food flavorings, salad dressings, cake mixes, shampoos – well you may always get unnecessary dirt. This ingredient helps in holding flavor at the same time dilutes concentration of nicotine at your desired level.

  2. Vegetable Glycerin

    – This makes use of 100% of Kosher USP type of vegetable glycerin which is an ingredient mostly found in skincare products, toothpaste, cosmetics and more. This ingredient is responsible for producing the vapor when exhaling.

  3. Nicotine

    – Nicotine in ejuice is 99.9% straight and pure from the best tobacco fields.

  4. Flavors

    – This is considered to be one of the best parts. If you are already been a smoker for a long time, well you can already be aware of the standard flavor of a cigarette. Well, ejuice flavors are considered to be a healthy and complete relief for your nicotine cravings. You can acquire same satisfaction at the same time amazing flavors like peaches, strawberries, cotton candy and more.

Having these four amazing ingredients, you’re assured that this ejuice can best help you with your nicotine cravings.

How to Create Your Own E-juice 101       

Huge numbers of vaping enthusiasts are wondering on how they can create their own e-juice 101. They are usually putting off the idea since they are afraid that it could be one of the most difficult activities they need to do. Well, on the contrary, creating your own e-juice 101 is considered to be one of the most cost-effective, easy and fun activity you should have. You also need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.

1. Pick Recipe

Before trying to create your own ejuice 101, you need to first pick the best recipe you wanted to have. There are huge numbers of recipes to choose from and you need to select only the best one that would definitely give you an amazing and exciting experience you would never forget.

2. Get Ingredients

When it comes to creating your own ejuice 101, here are the lists of some of the best ingredients you need to consider preparing and these include the following:

  • PG/VG Base

First, you need to create the base of your e-juice 101 which needs to consist of the VG and PG. PG is approved to be an odorless and colorless organic chemical which is found in different types of products. This type of ingredient doesn’t necessarily put too much impact to the overall flavor of the e-juice that you’re going to make.

VG is primarily derived from the best natural sources like vegetables and it is also considered to be more viscous when compared to PG. This ingredient would add a bit of sweetness to the overall flavor of your e-juice when added. This is thicker and can even produce more visible type of vapor plumes.

e-juice 101 ingredients vg and pg

  • Diluted Nicotine

You also need to make use of diluted nicotine that comes from either VG or PG base. Despite of the fact that it is also made available in different types of strengths. You need to try experimenting to find for the sweetest spot to get the ideal level of nicotine.

  • Flavoring

You also need to add some flavorings to your own ejuice. Always remember one thing, flavorless type of ejuice is considered to be better compared to those ejuice with too much flavor. Therefore, the same as nicotine, you need to make use of lower flavoring quantity to be added to the mixture.

  • Additives

To assure of enhancing the flavor of your own ejuice, you need to add some additives. Such as sweets, vodka, mentholated liquids or even distilled water. Don’t try to make use of tap water as this might contain some chemicals which are not suitable for you to inhale.

3. Mix the Ingredients

When you already have with you the necessary ingredients, then the next thing you need to do is to mix all the ingredients in a clean and safe container.

4. Enjoy

These are the best steps you need to consider when you wanted to create your own ejuice. As you follow the above-mentioned tips, you’re assured that you can create the best and most satisfying ejuice you would definitely enjoy.

Why Using an E-Juice Subscription is better than Buying or Making your Own

As far as ejuices are concerned, well you can always make use of e-juice subscriptions, buy or make your own ejuices.  But, why is there a need for you to choose e-juice subscription than buying or making your own?

As far as choosing ejuice subscriptions are concerned, there are huge numbers of benefits that you may consider and these include saving time and money. With ejuicepack subscriptions, you need not to buy or do the best ejuice you wanted to smoke at all. This is through subscribing to the best site or company that offers ejuicepacks.

Apart from that e-juice subscription also gives you the chance to acquire wide varieties of e-juices you wanted to inhale or smoke. This only means to say that you would not just stick to one e-juice recipe at all. Hence giving you the freedom to choose whatever you want.

So, don’t miss the chance to get in touch with ejuice subscription over buying or making processes of your ejuice. This saves time, money and effort which make it easy and simple for you to enjoy your vaping experience.




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