Top 9 Squonk Box of 2018 (UPDATED LIST)

squonk box

Top 9 Squonk box 2018

Squonk box is a device which can be operated with the help of electric power and it is used for squonking. There are many models in this box which are used for vaping or squonking and all models have different types of features. You can make selection of desired models in order to get the best Squonk box which you will use for getting benefits for a long time period.



How A squonk box works
How A Squonk Box Works

There are numerous diverse squonking RDAs that you may select from to enhance your squonk mod, through imitations to authentics. Here is a list of the greatest squonk mods you may purchase these days below, thus you may discover squonking also when you are in a spending budget. You can get details about different types of squonk mods so that you can make your choice and have benefits and fun with your new device.


Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit for a price around $45

Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit squonk box
Vandyvape Pulse BF Kit

This is a good Squonk box which you can get and use with special discounts. Even though I record this mod individually, this mod is amazing and giving a nice start for all types of users. You obtain a matte dark mod having clear entrances, coordinating clear drip tip, matte dark Pulse 24mm RDA, along with dark container / electric battery adapter.

This mod is given an attractive look and easy to use style which is an upgrade to the previous model. Additionally, makers are launching a complete selection of entrances as well as drip tips obtainable individually that must suit any prior edition of this mod. It is Suitable for both 18650 as well as 20700 electric battery, with an 8ml volume.

All round, an incredible worth for cash and a great-looking build that simply performs well for all types of users to complete their needs of vaping with style and economy. You can use different types of batteries in this box for normal working. Rechargeable batteries are also good for working in this Squonk box.


Wismec Luxotic Kit for the price of $48

This Squonk box is made by a reliable company which is known for making good products in this industry. This was astonishing by Wismec, which was producing much more of the exact, same since the Predator. Nevertheless, it had been an encouraged wonder certainly. Matches just one 18650 electric battery, this is an unregulated mod along with 5 – clicks on / off as well as security functions.

Wismec Luxotic Kit squonk box
Wismec Luxotic Kit

The container volume is certainly 6.5 ml, and more recent packages include the remodeled silicone squonk container. You may additionally get lots of various alternative sections, containers and components. Many users like to use this mod as it is providing many facilities in the form of a set.

Coils are also available with this mod and it is nice in looks and gives a wonderful feeling. This Squonk box is in the form of a kit so that the user can get all the required things. You can get many things in this set of this box which will give you benefits and economy with style.


Asmodus Spruzza Kit for almost $115

This Squonk box is advanced and can give many useful features to users due to which it is high in demand and used on a large scale. Even though this charges over the other choices right here, the cost is sensible thinking about is has stable wooden entrances and is a controlled mod.

Driven through the GX-80-HUT chip, it can around 80w utilizing just one 18650 electric battery. It may additionally perform temperature management. The squonking program is an amazing Wise Siphon Program that offers a fluid pump with a lever. It possesses an 8ml volume, utilizing a Billlet-type fluid container rather than a silicone container.

It Includes the Oni-one RDA that is a 24mm individual-coil RDA. This box is good in temperature management. You are not going to face with problems with increase in temperature when you are using this box. Advanced systems in this Squonk box are managing temperature to make sure that users can use it for a long time period with ease and perfection.


Geekvape Gbox 200W & Radar RDA at the price of $51

Geekvape Gbox 200W & Radar RDA squonk box
Geekvape Gbox 200W & Radar RDA

This Squonk box is updated and giving more features as compared with the previous versions. The Gbox is currently within the second era, and it appears way superior to the initial performance. In addition, it currently will do around 200w throughout power setting, includes a Bypass setting, and deals with Temperature Management.

It’s a double-18650 mod that possesses an 8ml squonk container and the Radar RDA. This mod is good and it can satisfy the needs of many people because it has many useful features and benefits. The disadvantage is the big volume, but you can get benefits through different options in this mod.

Container in this box is reliable and you can have vaping experience for a long time period. You can also refill the container so that the liquid can come regularly without any disturbance.


Geekvape Athena for only $69

Geekvape Athena squonk mod
Geekvape Athena

This box is made to cover many missing features in other models and it is giving benefits in many ways to users. Geekvape was astonishing missing by the whole squonking arena, till this mechanized squonk package here. It additionally possesses an RDA, and contains fascinating functions such as locking button.

It has many advanced features which can give benefits to users in many ways. It’s thrilling to notice Geekvape inside the squonk community; however I do expect to obtain the choice to purchase simply the mod. Usually, the RDAs that are incorporated within packages similar to this are not liked by many people. You can also find many more options to get more benefits by using this mod.

Many advanced function in this Squonk box are liked by users. It is possible to lock this box to make sure that kids cannot use it. You can get benefits through different types of features in this Squonk box and get good value for your money.


Aspire Feedlink & Revvo Kit for only $69

Aspire Feedlink & Revvo squonk mod Kit
Aspire Feedlink & Revvo Kit

This Squonk box is simple but effective to give benefits and pleasure to users for a long time period. Aspire’s just access in squonking appears decent. The Feedlink is an unregulated mod having simple security functions.

Driven through just one 18650 electric battery, it provides a 7ml amazing squonk container that is inserted from the bottom side. It Includes the Revvo RDTA, which utilizes the “Arc” coil technique. It’s a smooth “stove-top” coil created by Aspire. This mod is a 24mmRDA and utilizes flow of air of good quality from the top. Nevertheless, you may utilize any other type of container which is fed from the bottom through the Feedlink. This Squonk box is available with the kit with many useful things.

You can get the entire package with special discounts and use them for fun and thrills. You can also compare the prices of this box online in order to make choice. This Squonk box is with a kit which is giving many important accessories which will enhance your vaping experience.


HCigar Magic Box at the price of $38

This Squonk box is economical and providing all the basic features to users so that they can have a good time and experience in vaping and having fun. The Hcigar Magic Box is a mechanized squonk mod using the Maze V 1.1 RDA. This mod kept numerous individuals amazed as it is providing different features in the form of a complete package.

Nevertheless, I however believe it justifies being within this listing. It functions, hits fairly hard, as well as does arrive with an incorporated RDA. It offers a locking key that functions within regular usage. Utilizes just one 18650 electric battery. The design is a little bit too intense, I believe, some individuals may not like the design of this mod as compared with other mods in the market.

You can use this box with a single battery. You can also recharge the battery or replace the battery when the power is reduced. When the battery is fully charged then this Squonk box can work normally and give you reliable functions.


VT Inbox by Hcigar for a price of $79

This box is using advanced chips to make sure that users can get different types of benefits. This mod is run by the DNA 75 chipset and just one 18650 electric battery. Shoots around 75W and will do all the temperature management you want.

It offers that traditional container form and squonk cutout; in addition to replaceable sections thus you may keep transforming the appearance with time. Its firmware is able to be upgraded and customized, through Escribe. You may charge through USB, and the squonk container has an 8ml liquid volume. The package includes the Maze V 1.1 RDA as a full bottom-feeding package. At 24mm wide you may be indulged for selection while obtaining a great bottom-feeding RDA regarding your VT Inbox.

This mod is a champion regarding energy, customizability and general worth for cash. You can update the programs in this Squonk box at any time and get instant access to all the advanced features. Regular updates are available and provided to users of this box to make sure that they can use the latest features and enjoy vaping in routine.


Eleaf Pico Squeeze for a price of $31

Eleaf Pico Squeeze squonk mod
Eleaf Pico Squeeze

This Squonk box is available in different ranges and colors to give many options to users in making selection. Eleaf’s reply to the Drip box, the Pico Squeeze is the unregulated, squonk edition of its famous Pico mini-mod.

Driven by a solitary 18650 along with USB charging and able of 50w, the Pico Squeeze keeps the personal electric battery cover associated with the Pico and arrives in numerous diverse shades. Similar to the Drip box, it provides no displays and no extras. It shoots among 0.15 – 3.5 ohm, even though it might have a problem with something under 0.3 ohms in my opinion.

The container retains 6.5 ml, and the base-feeding style is additionally really comparable to the Drip box. The package includes the Coral RDA, which is once again really comparable to the Dripmod. The pack is replaceable and managed through airflow from the top.



If you are looking for a box then you can select it and use it at any time. There are many models in Squonk box which are offering different types of features. Many people have used this box and they are posting reviews about their working.

Some are liked more as compared with others. You can check details about this box before making selection. Online modes are helpful in making selection of the desired Squonk box which will give you long term benefits and you can have the best vaping experience.


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