Vaporizer Mods and E-Cigarette Battery Safety

What are Vape Mods?

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated tools intended to transform ejuices and various other materials to users in the vapor form instead of smoke. They look like the traditional cigarettes, pipes or cigars. Latest devices resemble pens, USB sticks and some have refillable tanks. In total are around 300 vaporizer brands in the market. Vaporizers are being marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Most Vaporizers comprise of a cartridge, a vaporizer and a battery. Battery powered vaporizer are activated by puffing. The eliquid in the cartridge vaporizes and is inhaled. This is called vaping. In most Vaporizers, puffing activates the battery-powered heating device, which vaporizes the eliquid in the cartridge. The resulting vapor is then inhaled. This is vaping. Vaporizers produce a flavored vapor similar to tobacco smoke but less toxic than the toxic chemicals which is delivered by the burning of actual tobacco leaves.


E- Cigarettes have moved up to Vape Mods as technology advanced. They are Mechanical Mods and Regulated Mods also known as Variable voltage Mods. Due to high competition is a wide range of choice out in the market.Your only worry is fancy package contains a battery which may explode if it is not handled well.


Regulated Vaporizer Mods

Regulated Mods are for novice vapers. Its battery allows easy adjustment of the voltage sent to the coil, despite its resistance level. The circuitry has various safety measures. It prevents electric shorts that could damage your battery. Regulated Mods are comparatively safer but all electronic devices can malfunction and its consequences can be disastrous. Vape mods are also available with disposable lithium batteries. I would say the most common type is with removable batteries. They are economical than disposable battery Mods.


Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mod is an unregulated device without a circuitry to keep the voltage steady. Basic mechanical mod is metal tube and a firing pin which allows the battery current to reach the attached atomizer. This causes the coil to heat and vaporize the juice. These are durable as there is no circuitry involved. The danger is in the battery.

Tips for Mechanical Mod:

Make sure the firing pin has a lock. Check the air vents in the mod. Batteries should not be over charged or under charged. Always buy a mechanical mod after seeing it and have a good understanding of ohm’s law if you want to experience stronger flavor and better vapor production.

Tips for battery safety:

Put batteries in a battery case or in your device.

Do not ever expose them to fire.

Don’t store your batteries along with metallic objects.

Never charge batteries unattended or while sleeping.

Remove from charger as soon as they are sufficiently charged.

Never overcharge or over discharge the batteries.

Keep batteries dry and away from wet places.

Never expose battery to extreme temperatures.

Dispose and Recycle battery according to norms and regulations.


Select the right battery and charger for your Vaporizer or Vape Mods and know the Vaporizer battery safety tips to ensure a better vapor production.


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